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1854 Northridge Drive NW
Walker, MI 49544


Flexco started as a family-owned business in Illinois. Now, over a century later, Manager of Lean Operations Duane Bjork is helping lead the company in Michigan.

From its inception, Flexco has focused on just one thing, maximizing belt conveyor productivity. Whether you are a small farm in the Midwestern United States, or a large mine in eastern Europe, or a global parcel handling operation with facilities around the world, we are focused on becoming your number one resource for products and services that maximize your belt conveyor uptime, productivity, and safety.

• Founded in 1907
• Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois
• Employs more than 725 people globally
• Privately-held company
• Hold 185 patents
• Over 1800 distributor partners throughout the world
• Supporting customers in more than 150 countries

Pictured: Duane Bjork - Flexco, and Trent Wieringa - Advantage Commercial Real Estate

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1854 Northridge Drive NW, Walker, MI 49544

Trent and Duane’s individual stories and experience lead to an excellent working relationship. The result was the disposition of Flexco’s prior two Grand Rapids facilities, and the acquisition of land in Walker, Michigan where they just completed the construction of their world class manufacturing facility.

Our brand new building allows us to have a fully integrated facility that brings all of our resources under one roof. All while providing our employees a safe, innovative workplace enabling us to serve our customers worldwide.

Duane Bjork

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