Our in-house research team is dedicated to providing clients and advisors with current, accurate and complete data. 



Research Team

Research Analyst

Janie Buchanan

For Janie, tracking real estate trends has always been fascinating. Having worked in title work for most of her early career, her experience and in-depth analysis of property data has helped propel her into a research role in the commercial real estate industry.

Janie focuses on effectively communicating real estate market trends to both clients and advisors, as she regularly keeps a pulse on the local, regional, and national markets. As a research analyst Janie closely evaluates current statistics, prepares quarterly market trends and helps demonstrate what numbers and trends mean for the Advantage Commercial Real Estate clients.

Janie works alongside the research team in preparing and producing research related projects to our industrial, retail, office, and investment teams.

Research Analyst

Blake Bruursema

Blake was recently hired by Advantage Commercial Real Estate as a Research Intern. He assists our research department in providing strategic support to each of our advisors and specialty teams. He gathers data and analyzes market specific trends that directly impact our clients.