“I enjoy working in retail, as it has allowed me to serve a variety of business owners.”
Principal Senior Vice President | Retail

Mark Ansara

Commercial Alliance of Realtors
— Networking Committee
— Project of the Year
— Largest Retail Lease
— Largest Lease
— 2020 CAR Board Member
— 2021 CAR Board President Elect
CoStar Power Broker
Community Involvement
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

About Mark

Mark is fully invested in every client he serves. He is enthusiastic and is ready to help problem solve and give advice for any complex situation. Mark has lived in West Michigan since 1988 and he believes Grand Rapids is the best place to raise a family and grow roots in the community. Throughout the years he has worked with a variety of business owners that have started from the ground up. Mark understands the rich culture in the retail world, specifically within the restaurant and entertainment spheres. He appreciates the stability of Grand Rapids and the mixture of entertainment, retailers, and restaurants that make our community great.

Mark spent most of his career in food service and big-box retail. His move to commercial real estate was a perfect fit as he can utilize his expertise to assist businesses and retailers. He has a deep understanding of how businesses function, the costs to function, and their success in business or getting out of business if needed. On the real estate side, Mark mostly works with local and national retailers, and landlords, specifically within their acquisition of retail and restaurant space in Michigan.

Most recently, Mark has stepped into a leadership role at Advantage Commercial Real Estate, serving as the Managing Partner. Mark enjoys the challenge of starting a business and making local decisions to service our clients and community. He takes great pride in creating our brand and partnering with local companies to help bring that to fruition. Mark plays an active role in strategy, vision, management, and initiatives within the company.
“I enjoy working in retail, as it has allowed me to serve a variety of business owners.”