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​​At Advantage Commercial Real Estate, we specialize in various types of office spaces, including traditional, creative, coworking, and flex environments. Whether you’re a property owner, renter, vendor, or investor, our office experts are ready to help. Equipped with unparalleled expertise and driven by a genuine passion for helping you succeed, we’ll offer crucial market insights and maintain a deep understanding of today’s market dynamics.

A Fortune 500 company's corporate office building with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Are you looking to buy or lease office space but aren’t finding what you’re looking for? Contact our specialists! With our large network and years of experience, we’ll help you find the right office space.

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Trust our team to connect you with advantageous, high-yield commercial real estate opportunities, offering tailored solutions that align with your business goals and vision for success. Our advisors will help you with things such as:

  • Transaction closings
  • Custom due diligence plans
  • Financing assistance 
  • Site selection 
  • Strategic market research 
  • Landlord and tenant negotiations

Our Office Real Estate Experts

Our office experts have worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, equipping them with the insights needed to craft solutions that align with the overall structure of your business. ​​At Advantage Commercial Real Estate, we take a holistic approach to understanding the challenges your organization faces and the goals you have set for future growth.

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A traditional office space with cubicles, offices, and meeting rooms.

Commercial Office Real Estate Types

Traditional Office Spaces

Traditional office spaces consist of typical elements such as meeting rooms, a front desk, individual workstations, communal areas, and a mailroom. These spaces cater to various industries such as law firms, IT companies, financial institutions, call centers, and more.

Creative Office Spaces

Creative office spaces are distinguished by their open layout with fewer cubicles, fostering collaboration, transparency, seamless communication, unity, and creativity. These spaces cater to various industries such as tech companies, start-up companies, creative agencies, and more.

Coworking Office Spaces

Coworking office spaces are typically made up of multiple individual areas within a building, leased to diverse occupants. There are often shared amenities like meeting rooms, break areas, and desks that are accessible to all tenants. These spaces cater to various industries such as start-up companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and more.

Executive Suite Office Spaces

The executive suite office space is a professional co-working environment, offering an attractive, low monthly rental rate. These spaces typically come fully furnished and pre-wired with phone and internet services. They also feature shared amenities like a conference room, break area, and a reception zone staffed with a receptionist.

Flex Office Spaces

Flex office spaces are designed to meet the needs of businesses that require both office and warehouse facilities in one place. These spaces bring together various functions like the warehouse, reception space, and accounting department.

Medical/Dental Office Spaces

Catering to tenants offering outpatient medical or dental services and consultations,  medical/dental office spaces are typically positioned near local hospitals or connected with larger medical networks.

What are the Office Building Classes in Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial office spaces are classified into three categories: Class A, B, and C. These classes are determined by factors like age, appearance, amenities, and infrastructure.

Class A Office Space

Class A office spaces are usually newly constructed or recently renovated. These buildings are high-quality, found in prime locations within major cities, and boast superior architectural design. They’re often leased by large corporations, commanding higher rental rates.

Class B Office Spaces

Class B office spaces, while almost comparable to Class A, are generally older buildings that have been well-maintained. They’re situated in areas that were once prime city locations and usually offer moderate rental rates.

Class C Office Spaces

Class C office spaces encompass older buildings, usually over 20 years old, with outdated designs and lower quality. They’re commonly situated in less desirable areas of the city and often attract startup companies. While these properties offer the lowest rental rates, they usually need extensive renovations, take longer to lease, and are frequently considered for redevelopment opportunities.

Are Office Spaces Good Investments?

Office spaces are often considered great high-yield commercial real estate investments. Perfect for diversifying and spreading portfolio risks, commercial office spaces are known for their high demand and long-term leases. Our advisors will help you find premium office spaces for sale and prime location properties to ensure healthy capital appreciation and Return on Investment (ROI).

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Although our home base is located in Grand Rapids, MI, we have a strong presence in the West Michigan office real estate market, including, but not limited to:

  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Wyoming, MI
  • Kentwood, MI
  • Hudsonville, MI
  • Rockford, MI
  • Cedar Springs, MI
  • Sparta, MI
  • Caledonia, MI
  • Greenville, MI
  • Belding, MI
  • Allegan, MI
  • Plainwell, MI
  • Allendale, MI
  • Kalamazoo, MI